Full Screen Options Property Page

This property page controls the format of the Full Screen Presentation.

Shared Options

The following Full Screen attributes are controlled by the printer options:

Unique Options

Columns per slide
This set of radio buttons selects how many columns of text will be printed on each screen. The song title is always centered on the screen (this behavior is different from the printed output). The columns are equivalent to "Flowing Columns" in the printed output.
Start with blank slide
Checking this box will cause a blank slide to appear before any songs are shown on the screen.
End with blank slide
Checking this box will cause a blank slide to appear after all songs have been shown on the screen.
Insert blank slide between songs
Checking this box will cause a blank slide to be shown between songs.
Slide projector-like blank between slides
Checking this box will cause a short period of blank background to be shown between slides, somewhat like a slide projector shows nothing while changing slides. In addition, checking this box will cause screen transitions to transition to the background before transitioning to the next slide.
Show control icons
Checking this box will show the escape, home, advance, retreat icons at the bottom of the screen; and allow mouse control of the progression of slides.
Mouse-click control
Checking this box will allow mouse click control of the progression of slides. Clicking anywhere on the screen (except over the control icons) with the right mouse button will advance to the next slide; clicking the left mouse button will retreat to the previous slide.
Display on monitor
If multiple displays are attached to the system, they will appear in this list. Select the desired display for showing the slides from this list.
Use transition effect ... with ... steps
The selected transition effect will be used to transition between slides. The number of steps controls the amount of time the transition will take. This number may need to be adjusted for a particular display or video card.
Margins (% of screen)
These fields horizontal (left and right) and vertical (top and bottom) margins.
Tab characters (% of screen)
If tab characters are contained in the song files (either in lyrics, comments, or titles), they will expand to this distance. Note: tab characters will not align vertically; this is an inline character expansion. (Versions of Songsheet Generator before 2.3 would usually display no space at all when a song file contained a tab character.)
Background picture
This is the filename of a picture to use for the background of the slides. The field may be left blank, in which case a solid color is used to fill the background (as set above).
The background picture, if specified, will be stretched to fit the screen. Valid image formats include BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Large image files can take a while to load the first time.
Enter text for the footer in this field. For details on formatting the footer, see the footers topic.
Set fonts...
This button will bring up the Font Selection Dialog for the Full Screen Presentation.
Set all fonts' color
This button sets all font colors for the foreground color of the Full Screen Presentation. This has the same funtion as the "Set foreground" button in Songsheet Generator versions prior to 2.3. It is possible to define different font colors using the Font Selection Dialog; this button is provided as a convenience.
Set background color
This button controls the background color of the Full Screen Presentation. If a background picture with transparency is set, the background color will show through the transparent parts of the image.