Full Screen Presentation

The Full Screen Presentation can be used as a song display for performance, or for projection of lyrics for large groups. It displays "slides" of song lyrics.


The full screen options property page allows you to control aspects of the presentation style.

Background picture

The background picture, if specified, will be stretched to fit the screen. Valid image formats include BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Large image files can take a while to load the first time. If no background picture is set, the background will be filled with the solid background color as set on the property page.


Click the Full Screen button to switch to the Full Screen Presentation, or use the View->Full Screen menu. To close the Full Screen Presentation, press the Escape ("Esc") key, or use the mouse to click on the "X" control bar icon.

Control Icons

By default, the bottom of the Full Screen Presentation displays small control icons which allow you to go to the first, previous, and next slide; and to exit.

The control icons can be hidden by checking the "show control icons" box on the full screen options property page. Note: While in Full Screen Presentation mode, the mouse cursor will only appear when it is in the region of the control icons. If the control icons are not shown, the mouse cursor will never appear; navigation must be performed via the keyboard commands.

Keyboard Commands

The following keystrokes can be used to navigate through the slides:

Mouse-Click Control

When "Mouse click control" is enabled on the full screen options property page, the following mouse clicks can be used to navigate through the slides. Click anywhere on the screen (except over the control icons):