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Songs: updated 2016-Apr-23

Available Songs

Here are all of the songs available in the song set, as of 2016-Feb-27: A-G, H-K, L-P, R-Z — all HTML generated with Songsheet Generator!

Download Songs

My current collection of song files (mainly Vineyard tunes; licensing issues are your own problem): (2016-Apr-23, 0.2 MB)

ChordPro Example

Here is an example of a ChordPro-formatted file. For more information about the format, see the Help Page:

{title:Twinkle Twinkle}
{subtitle:Little Star}

[C]Twinkle, twinkle, [F]little [C]star,
[F]How I [C]wonder [G7]what you [C]are!
[C]Up a[F]bove the [C]world so [G7]high,
[C]Like a [F]diamond [C]in the [G7]sky.
[C]Twinkle, twinkle, [F]little [C]star,
[F]How I [C]wonder [G7]what you [C]are!

[C]Little, [F]little, [C]little [G7]star,
[C]Up a[F]bove the [C]clouds so [G7]far,
[C]How I wonder [F]what you [C]are!
[F]Little, [C]little, [G7]little [C]star.



Play only on strings 1, 2, 3

{c:Songsheet Generator Sample Song} 
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