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Songsheet Generator

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Help Topics

Here is a collection of information that will hopefully be helpful in running the program. If you really, desperately need help, email me at

Online Help

The Online Help has recently been ported to this web site, primarily for users of the Mac OS X and Java versions. The content is the same as the compiled version which is included with the Microsoft Windows installation. Read the Online Help Now! (2012-May-9)


Demonstrating the basic usage of Songsheet Generator.

Having Problems Running at All?

If Songsheet Generator won’t run on Windows because of a message about a missing DLL:

I Want My Old Version Back!

Older versions: 2.7.2 for Windows, 1.4.1 for Mac OS X

Help from Other Users

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A revival of the original free cross-platform Chord program, which produces PostScript output, by Martin Leclerc and Mario Dorion (a .tgz is here; there is also a .zip in the dos section)
GUI tool which creates TeX files on a Unix system with Perl/TK.
Web Chord
an on-line utility for converting ChordPro files to HTML, to be viewed, printed or used on web pages.
Google search for "chordpro"

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