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Since 1997, Songsheet Generator has been available for download free of charge, with only a single button on the web site asking for donations. Unfortunately, very few people have donated.

The user base has expanded dramatically in recent years, however; and countless hours have been spent on Songsheet Generator development, documentation, and maintenance. After difficult consideration, a nag screen has been added to version 2.3, which can be disabled only by entering a registration code. Without a registration code, the nag screen will appear occasionally, but the software is otherwise fully functional.

Please note that Songsheet Generator is not a version of Chord Pro Manager, TabStyler, or any other ChordPro software. By registering Songsheet Generator, you are not purchasing a registration for Chord Pro Manager, TabStyler, or any other software.

Please make a donation to support further development and to help cover the costs of the web site. You can choose the donation amount as you see fit, although a suggested donation is US$18. All transactions are encrypted and secure.


After receiving notification of your donation, an email will be sent with a registration code that will permanently disable the nag screen.

Thank you in advance for your support of independent software development.
Christian E.

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