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Songsheet Generator

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As of version 2.3, registration is required to remove a nag message about donation. The software is, however, fully functional without a registration key. Please make a donation to support further development and to help cover the costs of the web site. You can choose the donation amount as you see fit, although a suggested donation is US$18. For more information, see the Registration Page .

Microsoft Windows

The program with installer:
sg02setup.exe (2.10.3, 2014-Oct-14, 2506 KB)

Note: this version includes only one example song.

Songsheet Generator runs as a native .exe on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This is a C++ code base, maintained separately from the Java/OS X version.

The installer with program and all the songs:
sg02setup+songs.exe (2.10.3, 2014-Oct-14, 2609 KB)
Note: these are the same songs as are available in, below.

Mac OS X

.DMG for Mac OS X (with Songs):
SG02.dmg (1.6.4, 2015-Jan-31, 3142 KB)

Songsheet Generator runs as a Java-based .app on Mac OS X. This is a Java code base, maintained separately from the Windows version. Note: you must download the Java runtime from

Other platforms—Java

This is a Java code base, maintained together with the Mac OS X version. (It is tested on Microsoft Windows, as well.) Note: Java 1.6.0, or newer, is required.

Here is the JNLP file for Java Web Start (I can't justify the cost of a real security certificate, so I signed the jarfile with a locally-generated certificate—you either trust me, or you don't, I guess).

Or here is the jarfile: SG02.jar (1.6.4, 2015-Jan-31, 345 KB) In this case, you can run the program with the following command: java -jar SG02.jar

Note: neither the jarfile nor the Java Web Start link includes any songs. You must download below, or provide your own directory of ChordPro songs.

Additional Downloads

The Release Notes for the Windows version and for the Mac OS X + Java platform version.

A sample style sheet for HTML output: sg.css

Older versions: 2.9.1 for Windows, 1.4.1 for Mac OS X

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