What's New in This Version

For further details on specific features and fixes in the current version of Songsheet Generator, see the Release Notes which are supplied with the program.

Please Note: The following feature list and version numbers are specific to the Microsoft Windows version of Songsheet Generator. The Mac OS X and Java versions have similar features, but the version numbers are different.

Songsheet Generator Version 2.9 (Windows; Mac OS X / Java version 1.5) adds export to RTF, support for both metric (mm) and imperial (inch) units, and several productivity features.

Songsheet Generator Version 2.8 (Windows; Mac OS X / Java version 1.4) adds Unicode support to the Windows platform, and export to ChordPro.

Songsheet Generator Version 2.7 (Windows; Mac OS X / Java version 1.4) adds the ukulele mode, as well as a New Song option that will create a new song from a ChordPro template. A global data key/value editor has also been added.

Songsheet Generator Version 2.5 (Windows; Mac OS X / Java version 1.2) adds new directives for key signature, as well as generic data key/value directives in the song file. See the file syntax reference for more information about these new directives. If the key has been defined for a song, the song can be transposed by key name. Footers may be overridden on a per-song basis, and will wrap; line breaks can also be put in the footer. A new extension to the chord syntax allows chord fingerings to be defined for a certain key only.

Version 2.3 added fine control over fonts and colors for printed songsheets and Full Screen Presentation (see the Font Selection Dialog topic for details) In addition, tab characters are expanded to a user-definable space. Multiple monitors are also supported for the Full Screen Presentation. A registration code is now required in order to permanently disable a nag screen that appears from time to time.

Version 2.2 added support for page numbering and footers. Using page numbering and the Table of Contents (and, optionally, separate song numbering), it is possible to create a full-featured printed songbook using Songsheet Generator!

Version 2.1 added support for guitar grids—chord grids for guitarists (i.e. fret board diagrams) can be printed at the bottom of each song.

See the Chords and Chord Definitions topic for instructions on how to print grids like this:

Version 2.0 was almost a complete rewrite of the program, and included many new features which improved over the old version:

Songsheet Generator 1.0 was released in 1995.