Song Files Introduction

Songsheet Generator was originally inspired by and still uses a song file format compatible with a program called Chord. Chord is a UNIX-oriented command-line program written by Martin Leclerc and Mario Dorion, and circulated on the Internet.

The song file format used by Chord is now commonly referred to as the ChordPro format. ChordPro files are text files with special mark-up tags. These files are easy to create from scratch, but many songs may be found on the Internet. Songsheet Generator will recognize song files in a variety of character encodings.

Songsheet Generator has a songs path setting, found on the general options property page. The program looks in this folder for ChordPro files.

The typical Songsheet Generator installation on Windows will set this folder by default to C:\Program Files\Ten by Ten\Songsheet Generator\Songs.
On the Macintosh, the default folder is the current user's "Documents" folder.