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Songsheet Generator

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Timer by Ten


Timer by Ten is a simple four-button timer for Mac OS X 10.5+.
I couldn't find a good timer app that was easy enough for my kids to use, so here is my own. It operates the same way you'd expect from a simple electronic kitchen timer. Set the time, press start, it counts down; it counts up if you press start while it is set to zero. When the timer expires, a secondary count-up display will show you how long it has been ringing. There is also a stopwatch mode, a compact mini-mode, and full-screen support for Lion and Mountain Lion.

For support with Timer by Ten, please contact

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System Stamp


Stamp your desktop with essential system information!
System Stamp will apply information such as host name, operating system version, memory, and processor configuration onto your desktop wallpaper. Freely choose the information items that you want to show, and the order of the items. The font and color can be adjusted, as well as the placement of the text. You can also choose to use a solid background color, instead of an image. Multiple monitors are supported, with separate backgrounds and stamp items for each monitor.
System Stamp does not change your original desktop wallpaper image, but generates a new image based on the source image you choose.
System Stamp is a great utility for users or developers who want to know critical information about the system they are using—with just a quick glance at the desktop!

For support with System Stamp, please contact

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While attempting to understand and practice Brother Lawrence's unique relationship with God, it can be helpful to be reminded of his teachings throughout the day. This application will display inspirational quotes selected and edited from the public domain text of "The Practice of the Presence of God: The Best Rule of Holy Life" by Brother Lawrence (Nicholas Herman, c. 1605-1691).
You can change the position, size, timing and length of the display: just go to the "Presence" menu in the menu bar and choose "Preferences". An audible chime can also be set to play when the quote appears. And, you can use the menu to manually cycle through the 100 quotes that are included with the application.
Quotes will continue to be displayed at regular intervals as long as Presence is running in the Dock.

For support with Presence, please contact

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Audio Units for Mac OS X

GWS RanPan


This is a random pan effect, which can be linked to tempo. I couldn't find an effect that did this when I wanted to apply it to my own music project, so I whipped it up myself. Now any audio application that hosts Audio Units can take advantage of this plugin to randomly pan sound around in sync with the beat!

Version 2.8.2 adds complete 64-bit support to the Universal Binary, and fixes a problem with the number formatting in the text fields of the user interface. This version requires Mac OS X 10.5 or greater, and is Intel only. For more information, see the Read Me document in the zipped disk image file.

GWS RanPan is a 64-bit (Intel only) Binary, and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and newer, including Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).
It has been tested most recently in Logic Pro 9.1 and Adobe Audition CC 2014.

GWSRanPan_283.dmg (2.8.3, 2015-Feb-8,92 KB)

Here also are links to older versions, if you need them for some reason (like for 32-bit or PPC): GWSRanPan_282.dmg (2.8.2), GWSRanPan_2.8.dmg (2.8.0)

To install, use the included script that copies the component into Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components in your home folder. To make it available to all users of the computer, drop the component into the root /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components folder.


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iTunes Visualizers for Mac OS X

Cover Slip


Cover Slip is an iTunes visualizer for Mac OS X 10.6 (note: Snow Leopard only!) that displays a swinging album cover, song information, and a small timeline and audio spectrum bar display. The bars can dance with the music; alternatively, you can choose to view a spectrum circlet instead of the bars. Press the ? key to see the keystrokes that will change the visualizer display.

Cover Slip (1.0, 2012-May-9,26 KB)

To install, unzip and drop the qtz file into Library/Compositions in your home folder. To make the visualizer available to all users of the computer, drop it into the root /Library/Compositions folder.
Restart iTunes, and Cover Slip will appear in the Visualizer list.

The Audio Units logo and the Audio Units symbol are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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