Transpose Function

The transpose function will automatically transpose all chords in a song to a selected key, or by a number of half steps up or down the scale.

Transposing By Key

When the key signature for a song is set via the {key: } directive, Songsheet Generator will present a menu that allows the song to be transposed to a target key signature. This list of key signatures appears in the main menu, as well as in the pop-up menu that can be invoked via a right-click in the Print List. Major or minor keys will be shown in the list, as appropriate.

Transposing By Number of Half Steps

Songsheet Generator is unfortunately not yet currently able to automatically determine the key signature of a song file. For this reason, when the key signature has not been set for a song, transposition must be done by setting a number of half steps. In order to allow for a transposed key to be sharp or flat as desired, the transpose function uses the following convention: transposing by a negative number of half steps will result in a flat key; transposing by a positive number of half steps will result in a sharp key. So transposing a song in the key of C major by +8 half steps will result in the key of G sharp. Transposing the song by -4 half steps will result in the key of A flat.

Note: Prior to version 2.5 (windows; Mac OS X / Java version 1.2), transposing by half steps was the only way to transpose.

Transposing Individual Songs

Right-clicking with the mouse in the "Songs to print" list will open a pop-up context menu. From this menu a song may be given a transposition setting unique from the other songs. The unique transposition amount is then shown in brackets prefixed to the song title: