A Songbook (*.sgb) file is a list of songs and settings which can be saved for later use.

Songbooks retain the song names and order in the print list. Additionally, they retain transpose information and whether or not the chords should be printed.

Songbooks in Windows™ Explorer

The Songsheet Generator installer will register the .sgb files as "Songbook (Songsheet Generator)." You can double-click on a Songbook to open it in Songsheet Generator. Right-clicking on the file will open a context menu, with the additional options to Print the Songbook or view it in the Full Screen Presentation.

An Important Note on Song Files

The song files contained in a Songbook must already be in the "Songs available" list, or they will not be added to the print list.

Usage Tip:

Using a Songbook file, along with the Table of Contents, Song Numbering, and Page Numbering features, it is possible to prepare a full-featured printed songbook using Songsheet Generator!