Printer Output

Any Windows-compatible printer can serve as a pinter output destination. Printing works as with any common Windows program Before printing, use the Print Preview screen to make sure the songs fit on the page as desired. It should exactly represent the hardcopy output.

For the printer output only, lyrics that are too long to fit inside the margins will wrap around. Any associated chords will wrap to the next line with the lyrics.

When chords are too close together to be distinguished, Songsheet Generator will space out the lyrics, adding a hypen when a word must be broken apart. Here is an example:






In order for words to be hyphenated sensibly, the chords must be placed on syllable boundaries. The source for the example line would look like this:
When the song is printed without chords, the word will not be hyphenated.

Although it seems like undesirable behavior, Songsheet Generator does not wrap lines of chords that appear without lyrics. In some layouts, this will unfortunately cause chord lines to extend beyond the normal margins of the page or column. Songsheet Generator behaves this way because it is difficult to know how to wrap chords in a legible way so that it makes sense to the instrumentalist. The best solution to this problem is to structure the song file so that lines of chords without lyrics are short enough so that they do not wrap.

Aspects of printing format are set in the printer options property page.

Fonts are set in points, and the point size applies to all page layout styles. The "normal" font applies to lyrics; the "alternate" font applies to titles, chords, and comments. For titles, the alternate font is enlarged from the normal point size, and changed to bold. For chords and comments, the alternate font is changed to italic. If the song title is too large to fit within the margins, its point size is reduced until it fits.

Margins are set in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm), and the space between columns is also set in inches.

An Important Note on Orientation

Songsheet Generator will automatically set the page orientation to Portrait for One or Four Discrete Cells per Page layouts, and for Flowing Columnar page layouts. Landscape will be automatically set for the Two Discrete Cells per Page layouts. This can be overridden by the user, by using the Printer Setup command, or in the print setup dialog. See the page layout topic for more information on page layout.


A footer can be printed at the bottom of each page, or at the bottom of each cell in the Two and Four Discrete Cells per Page layouts. For details on footer formatting, see the footers topic.