ChordPro Output

The ChordPro output desination creates a text (.txt) file in the ChordPro format, which can subsequently be used by Songsheet Generator. The file conforms to the extended ChordPro format supported by Songsheet Generator.

This function allows songs to be exported with their chords transposed in ChordPro, or without their chords. In effect, the songs will be exported with ChordPro directives that match the print settings. Please note that the ChordPro syntax may differ slightly from the syntax in the original song. Data values and chord definitions will be retained, but their ordering may be different from the original file. This function uses abbreviated ChordPro directives (e.g. "t:" for "title:").

Using this function to overwrite your original songs may result in data loss; for this reason Songsheet Generator attempts to prevent song files from being overwritten.

Note: If multiple songs are selected into the "Songs to Print" list, they will all be saved to a single file, with {ns} directives between them.
Also Note: If you attempt to bring one of these multiple-songs-per-file files back into Songsheet Generator, only the first song title will appear in the songs list.