Chords/Grids Options Property Page

This property page contains controls that adjust how Songsheet Generator deals with and prints chords and guitar grids.

Entering a positive number of half-steps will create a key with sharp accidentals; entering a negative number will create a key that contains flats. i.e. if your song is in the key of G, entering 3 will transpose it to A sharp, and entering -9 will transpose it to B flat.
Note: entering a number in this field will not change the settings of songs currently in the "Songs to print" list.
Print chords and instrumental comments
This checkbox controls whether chord symbols will be printed above the song lyrics.
Note: this setting applies to all output destinations.
Convert chords to do-re-mi
When this box is checked, chords displayed throughout the program will appear in Italian Notation (do re mi fa sol la si) instead of the usual form (C D E F G A B). will be printed at the end of each song.
Note: ChordPro files must still be entered using C D E F G A B notation; Songsheet Generator will not recognize Italian Notation in the ChordPro files.
Print guitar grids
When this box is checked, chord grids for guitarists (i.e. fret board diagrams) will be printed at the end of each song.
Note: this setting applies to only the Printer and Full Screen output destinations.
Ukulele mode
When this box is checked, chord grids will only be printed with four strings. In addition, separate chord definitions will take effect that only use four strings. Since there are several tuning options for Ukulele, there are no built-in chords for Ukulele mode; the Custom Chord Editor must be used to define chord grids for Ukulele. It is possible to freely switch back and forth between the normal six-string and four-string modes, but all songs will print in the current mode; in other words: there is no way to identify a song as a Ukulele- or six-string-only song.
Print grids only for "friendly" key signatures
When this box is checked, guitar grids will only be printed if the song's key signature is one of the listed "friendly" keys. This prevents grids from printing when they key signature is one that is unlikely to be played by a guitar player without a capo.
Edit custom chords...
This button will open the Custom Chord Editor..
Note: the settings made in the Custom Chord Editor are not canceled when pressing the Cancel button in the Options Dialog; changes made in the Editor are applied immediately.