Import Song Function

Songsheet Generator has a limited import capability: it will convert some text CRD (*.crd, sometimes called tab) files to the ChordPro format. This is the same format that is produced for the Text Output destination.

The import function was devised because CRD files are so common; they can be found on many web sites.

Steps to import a song file:

  1. Select the "Import Song..." menu item. An "open" file dialog will appear.
  2. Select the song, and the conversion will begin.
    Note: multiple songs may be imported at once by <ctrl>-clicking to select songs.
  3. If Songsheet Generator had some success in converting the file, a "save" file dialog will appear, and the converted file may be saved under a new name. The title of the song is set to "*0* Imported song from file:" plus the filename of the original imported file (unless a ChordPro title directive has been found; see below).

ChordPro directives can be input into the text file, as well. The import function will transfer the directives directly to the final song file. If the text contains a ChordPro title directive ({t:...}), the resulting song will contain that title, rather than the machine-generated one as shown above.

The import operation is far from foolproof, because of the large range of files that may be encountered. Songsheet Generator should perform the most tedious and error-prone task of interspersing the chords with the lyrics; the rest is up to you!