Command-Line Operation

Songsheet Generator (Windows version only) accepts command-line usage of the following form:

"Songsheet Generator.exe" [options] [path_to_songbook_file]


Options are preceded by a dash (‘–’).

–fullscreen   Opens the given songbook in Full Screen Presentation.
–maximize Maximizes the Songsheet Generator window.
–minimize Minimizes the Songsheet Generator window.
–print Prints the given songbook.
–html path_to_html_file Creates an HTML file from the given songbook.
The HTML file is created with the output filename given by path_to_html_file. If the file exists, it will be overwritten.
Paths with spaces must be enclosed by quotes, i.e.:
"Songsheet Generator.exe" -exit -html "C:\My Docs\out.html" "C:\My Docs\songbook.sgb"
–exit Exits Songsheet Generator after performing the given operation (such as print or html).


"Songsheet Generator.exe" -exit -html "C:\My Docs\out.html" "C:\My Docs\songbook.sgb"

"Songsheet Generator.exe" -fullscreen "C:\My Docs\songbook.sgb"